Company Principles

Family owned enterprise:
Honesty not only in quality and tastefulness but also in our business processes has helped us become a premiere brand in the world. The name itself is enough to conjure up images of great tasting cup of tea and warm conversations over cups of relishing the beverage.
From humble beginning:
Because the group has risen from the humblest of backgrounds, it takes pride in being able to not only keep a tab on its price but ensures that the price never deteriorates. Also, the company has been taking up social projects in and around its factories as part of its social responsibility. The group wants to give back most of what it has earned from the society.
Employment in our factory is guaranteed to the socially deprived:
Jobs created in the store and the factory floors are given to the deprived sections as their prerogative, we have an equal number of female workers and provide them with all support during pregnancy and childbirth. We have day care facilities and playschool for the children of out women workers even.
Sweetness in every cup:
We are dedicated in helping relationships thrive by dissolving the differences and uniting people over great tasting tea. The customary setting f the tea table and the people gathering around and sharing tea and other familial gossip can add to the camaraderie of the household or even bring about so much understanding between people at the workplace.
Consistent quality:
Our quality has consistently been excellent throughout our forty years of existence. We follow the highest quality and safety standards in order to make sure that the best that we package in our tea is what reaches people’s houses and workplaces.
Variants galore:
We retail tea in all its forms. Dried leaves, dried powdered tea, teabags et al. recently we have come out with the tea tablets which are extremely ideal while travelling. They come in the form of a dissolvable tablet and they have to be dropped into a warm cup of water and voila! Tea is ready to be served. Anyone is game for Cookies?

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