The ABC Of Starting A Tea Business

The many benefits of tea:

Tea is a beverage that is popular across the counties of the world. There are some nations like China, India and Japan that take their tea drinking so seriously that people in these countries can get put off if they do not get their tea in time. Indeed, I had an Indian friend who was used to drinking a strong decoction tea at home. When he shifted base to the US to study and work after that, apart from the culture shock that he experienced, there was this deep resentment that he was not getting his daily fix of tea. He even went to the extent of importing his tea leaves from India and I remember how we used to freak out at him having cups of tea after his lunch.

But he confessed to us that it was a daily ritual in his hometown to have a cup of strong tea with milk and sugar right after his lunch. He was so brought up sold on that idea that he could no longer do away without having to drink it. It is a decade since I saw him but why am I so sure that he still continues to drink his milky tea even today. Just an instinct! Oh, how I want one able to ask him if he still des and sip his sweet milky tea once more!

Ah memories!! Sometimes, when I pass by a tea house, I remember his love for tea and what it made him do! If you are passionate about tea yourself, you could also open a tea house or a retail store selling tea leaves or even an online store selling tea to the connoisseurs, in your own little way you could spread the happiness that your heart holds to people who love their tea equally. Then getting the branding and the look and packaging right meant that I look for ways to market it successfully.




Or you could create your own brand of tea!

Recently, I stumbled upon a very interesting website when I was trying to decide what I should do for a career. And the idea just hit me; why shouldn’t I do something in memory of my friend who loved his tea so much that he even swore by it!

To market your own brand of tea, I would have needed to research the existing varieties of tea and to make sure to know what it is that makes each of it so successful.

But my idea was not repackaging the existing variety of tea:

Because it was not challenging enough and because it would be too easy to buy from a whole-seller in loose packaging and then repack and sell it under my name. There was something that was ethically not appealing to me in this set up. I wanted to do something that was challenging and at the same time it was also fun.

To open or not to open a tea nook, that is the question!

“I like the pause that tea allows” – Waris Ahluwalia

Setting up a place where tea was served sounded ambitious enough but there were many things that had to be taken into consideration before I could be doubly sure if the decision to open a tea house was a sound one.



Coffee Category

The location had to be finalized:

A tea house has to be where it is accessible to most tea connoisseurs. Imagine having heaven on earth for tea lovers but so far away that it is a trouble for them to actually make it whenever they like.

It will be the saddest thing n earth to not be able to drink tea to one’s health if one so earnestly desires to!

The variants

Having a place exclusively for tea means that you try and give the tea connoisseur an experience of a lifetime:

How about serving tea from various parts of the world? You could even match the crockery and follow the traditions that are followed locally while serving the local tea.

Just imagine the kind of excitement that people will have when they realize that they are going to have Chinese tea in the same way that the Chinese do!

“Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings”- Lelita Baldridge

There is a world of things that you can do with this wonderful beverage and earn like pockets full. There is no limit to imagination. The only thing is that you need to be determined to win. Let’s raise a tea cup for your success!

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